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Showcase Foundation

Our program has three main components. First, is to provide quality training in all aspects of the game. One of Showcase’s main goals is to develop discipline, desire, dedication, and determination in each athlete, qualities which will assist them as they progress through life.  The second purpose is to assist each of our players in becoming quality basketball players. The third purpose is to aggressively pursue athletic scholarships for those players that have the desire, athletic ability, and academic standing to play at the collegiate level.

The competitive athletic experience can enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health, and teach the values of teamwork and responsibility.  We are proud of the opportunity we offer and feel the players involved will receive a positive experience.   We want an atmosphere of hard work, competiveness, teamwork, program loyalty and respect for others, no matter what level they achieve.  We encourage athletes to set goals for themselves so they can experience success when they achieve those goals.  We challenge them to be their best.

Showcase Mission and Goals

The mission of Showcase is to provide each athlete with extensive training and knowledge in the fundamental aspects of basketball, and to expose them to the highest level of competition available at the local, state and national level.

Physically by improving their physical condition and developing good training and healthy habits.

Emotionally by building their self-esteem by recognizing their individual achievements.

Socially by having fun, forming bonds of friendship, learning good sportsmanship and staying loyal to their teammates and this program.

Academically by enforcing No Pass, No Play rules, encouraging our athletes to compete both on the court and in the classroom as well as stressing the importance of college entrance exams and preparing for college through good work ethic.

Measuring Success


  • The number of impoverished people we are able to accommodate
  • The ability to hire additional coaches required to fit the demand
  • By the number of children who can participate in our after-school program or day camps in order to stay in school day by day, week by week
  • The number of children eager to learn a new sport who are able to enroll in our Sports Camps/Clinics or training
  • The number of children who we can help get into college to play sports while obtaining a degree
  • But, most of all, by the smiles on the faces of those who will have a safe place to grow, play, workout and learn.